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Ditch To-Do lists. Get things done.
  • Kill overwhelming to-do lists

  • Plan a realistic week

  • Stop your weeks from exploding

Planning With Executive Function Challenges

Meet the UForward Planner: a highly-valuable premium paper daily planner of 40 pages, how-to videos, prompts and training to help ditch to-do lists and get things done.

Set Your Goals with UForward
Set Your Goals with UForward
Weekly Planning Tools and Strategies
Weekly Planning Tools and Strategies
The ADHD Hub
The ADHD Hub

No one ever taught us to plan: they're good at telling us that we SHOULD plan but they're not great at showing us HOW TO work around the executive functioning deficits we have.

All the ingredients you need to cope with ADHD: Dr. Claire Sira devised specific sections needed to support the executive functioning and working memory challenges with ADHD.

Join others working on coping with their ADHD: The ADHD Hub is a calm space for adults with ADHD to share and learn.

Receive the prompting from Planner Tactic cards to build confidence planning your weeks: Learn the tips & tricks in this Digital Booklet that is designed and crafted by a neuropsychologist and entrepreneur to give you the special strategies to use UForward effectively.

Attention to every detail:

- 40 page weekly planner
- 8.5" x 11" paper
- staple bound that lays open and flat
- 100 lbs. cover stock

Planner Tactic cards for UForward
Planner Tactic cards for UForward
UForward Planner for Executive Function Challenges
UForward Planner for Executive Function Challenges
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Why A Psychologist Created UForward

Experience free time with UForward
Experience free time with UForward

Forget the
neuro-typical tools
out there. You might be a person…

...who sits down to write an email...

...and within 30 seconds...

...you’re randomly on the Wikipedia page of Greenland developing a spontaneous interest in Inuit throat singing,


...unless an actual KGB assassin is holding a gun to your partner's head...

...those dishes in the sink can easily wait another week or two.

This would be funny if...

...you weren't getting criticized by your partner.

Or being embarrassed when you forget important dates.

Like traditional planners...

...lists, sticky notes, not bothering to plan at all, improvising, relying on others, writing it in your phone, voice notes, alarms, fridge calendars…

That stuff is made by (and for) the same comedians responsible for the hilarious one-liners like:

‘’Just do one task at a time and don’t start another one until you’ve finished it’’ 🙄

‘’You can do it if you put your mind to it’’

‘’Try harder’’ (thanks, never thought of that😂)

and the all-time classic…

‘’Everyone has to do stuff they don’t want to do, just get over yourself and stop being lazy’’ 😙

'Neuro-typical technology’ (and logic) doesn’t account for your distraction, procrastination, and overwhelm, buttered with a creamy spread of executive function deficit and recurring emotional dysregulation…

…hence your previous, half-used planners piled up in the shape of a middle finger, mocking your inability to remember to use them (assuming you didn’t already lose them).

…and above all, once the novelty (ie. dopamine hit) of the planner wears off, you forget about using it entirely ❌

It’s easy for neuro-typicals to write a bunch of one-off tasks in a normal planner than actually complete them🙄...

…but for you and I, the same task written in the same planner might as well be Chinese launch codes to stop an incoming ballistic missile…

…we can stare at it all we want, but ultimately nothing will happen and the consequences are gonna suck.

Because the tasks are too big to start
You take on more than you can handle
It requires too much effort to use
So becomes more of a stress than assistance

You need an organizational tool (that actually works) SPECIFICALLY designed BY ADHD people FOR ADHD people.

UForward is loved by ADHD folks


Only $25

Only $129

Only $79

Digital Booklet is emailed with every package

Clear step-by-step instructions. No jargon. Each Planner Tactic fits on a card, so it’s easily scannable, with concise steps to help you work out your plan. The jargon-free instructions are easy to follow, for novices and experts alike.

Everyone gets the Digital Booklet!

This ain't like any planner you've tried before. The pro tips & tricks in the UForward Explainer Videos help you get the most out of this planner.

Maximize the planner with Explainer Videos

A community of ADHD folks where you won't have to explain yourself because everyone here gets what it's like.

Join the private community
The ADHD Hub

Learn ADHD strategies for 'Getting It Done' from a psychologist

Or.. go for the full package and...

The Getting It Done with ADHD (GID Course) is the only online program put on by a Ph.D. psychologist and an experienced coach with the focus on time management for ADHD.

Invaluable nuggets of knowledge on the psychology of ADHD and overcoming the frustrations of OVERWHELM, DISTRACTIONS, and PROCRASTINATION.

  • 9 units from the Triangle Learning Model™

  • Explained by a neuropsychologist and her entrepreneur partner

  • 13+ quality explainer videos (and transcripts)

  • Psychology-designed worksheets

  • Bonus handouts on Managing Distractions


My name is Dr. Claire Sira and I have a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology.

As an expert in neuropsychology who also lives with ADHD, I have a unique perspective on how ADHD can get in the way of performing to our highest potential. As a practicing psychologist, I also appreciate how difficult it is for adults with ADHD traits to access accurate information about their symptoms.

Hi, I'm Tom Hudock... As a business coach and the co-founder of ADHD For Life, I believe everyone learns best when their curiosity is engaged. I saw this best after starting an inquiry-based middle school where student ideas and passions were translated into educational curriculum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive the planner?

When you order one, we will package it up and send it in the mail within 2 - 4 business days. Then it depends on where you're at and the efficiency of the postal service. Typically, within North America, it would take 2 - 5 days. Overseas to England, Australia, or Europe, it may take longer.

I have ADHD. Do you have a coaching program that could support me with getting things done?

Yes! As soon as you purchase UForward, you'll be invited to apply for the Getting It Done with ADHD program. It's optional and we run these programs regularly.

What if I'm unsure if this is going to help me?

I understand... you have a choice. You can NOT buy the planner and continue doing what you're doing. I can only assume you're reading this page because you want things to be different. Things won't change unless you try something new. Your second choice is to BUY the planner, try it, and learn new methods for managing your life. If it doesn't completely work for you, at least you've learned something new.

Do you have a refund policy?

Absolutely! You have 30 days to try out the planner. If it doesn't improve your life for the value of what you paid, return it and we'll refund your money.

But we want you to give it an honest try. To be up front, there are new techniques and skills in here that you won't find in other planners, so it might take a bit of effort to get something new working for you.

Do I need anything else to use this planner?

Nope! Each piece of paper you need is bound in this booklet so you won't lose the pages. Well, I guess you'll need a pen or pencil to use it.

Instantly! Once you pick any package above, your Digital Booklet is emailed to you right away. This way you get to see what UForward is about before you even get the planner.

When do I get the Digital Booklet?