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You may already know the struggle –

– long waitlists, exhausting searches for the right psychologist, and brief doctor visits that leave you with more questions than answers. This could help.

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Get Assessed For ADHD

Our network of psychologists are licensed professionals across Canada and the United States, who have excelled at assessing clients for ADHD. By submitting your assessment request, you show a desire to be assessed with a more thorough psychological process.

Lengthy Waitlists
8-12+ month waits mean months of continued struggle.

Medication is Incomplete
Pills may help some symptoms, but don't offer the self-understanding you crave.

Incomplete Answers
Short doctor or nurse visits leave you feeling unheard and misunderstood.

Confusing Search
Wasted time and energy finding a qualified ADHD specialist.

Saves You From...

The Pre-Assessment Process

4 Reasons to Sign Up:

What's Your History: Provide your history and answering evidence-based questionnaires.





We Know ADHD: Skip the guesswork – the list of psychologists specialize in adult ADHD.

Built By Experts: Dr. Claire Sira designed our in-depth tools to aid your psychologist's understanding.

It's About YOU: Get a thorough assessment focused on your unique history and experiences.

It's free to sign up and get on our referral list.
Start getting the answers you deserve.

Request Your Pre-Assessment

By filling in this form, you begin the Pre-Assessment process. This initiates the first step. The next step is you getting an invite into the Hyperfocus platform. It's simple to use and prepares your client file for the psychologist.

Check your inbox after you click the button. You should receive a confirmation email from ADHD For Life.

You can give your history and answer the questionnaires where you feel most comfortable with no pressure to finish quickly.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority.

Hyperfocus securely stores your data in Canada, following PIPEDA guidelines. Only your chosen psychologist views your information and not until you both select each other.


It's important to know that when you sign up to Hyperfocus, it is not a treating relationship with us and we cannot provide a diagnosis, recommendations for medications, or provide answers to mental or medical health related questions.


We provide access to our list of psychologists who assess ADHD in adults. These psychologists are licensed in various jurisdictions, who have agreed to be in our Referral Network. They want the pre-assessment information you provide, so they can do a thorough job with your assessment.

Dr. Claire always thinks “more is better” and when it comes to getting a good history - we agree!

Support While You Wait

While you wait to see a psychologist, access the free resources and coaching programs from the ADHD For Life team, led by Dr. Claire Sira.

You could attend the Getting It Done program to learn to cope with overwhelm, distraction, and procrastination at work and at home. You could also work on relationships and emotion dysregulation with the Showing Up Together program.

There are books and free resources too.

What To Expect:
Your Pre-Assessment Journey

The path to an ADHD diagnosis is unique for everyone. Hyperfocus helps you start that journey by taking the time to understand your personal story. Here's how our pre-assessment process puts YOU at the center:

Sign Up and Get Started
It's simple! Sign up and you'll receive an email invite to Hyperfocus. Check your inbox for t e a m @ hyperfocus . online

Step 1

It's free to sign up and get on our referral list.
Start getting the answers you deserve.

Find Your Focus
Set aside 30-60 minutes in a calm, distraction-free space. Dive into a series of questionnaires and history forms. Don't worry, you don't have to finish it all at once!

Step 2

Submit and Connect
Once you've completed everything, a summary of your pre-assessment is securely sent to psychologists specializing in ADHD within your area. You'll then select a psychologist to begin the full assessment process.

Dive into Your Story
Our questions are designed to be clear and thought-provoking. Think about your childhood, your current experiences, and your strengths.

Step 3

Step 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a pre-assessment and a full ADHD assessment?
A pre-assessment gathers in-depth background information about your history, concerns, and potential ADHD traits. This gives your psychologist a head start, allowing the full assessment to be more focused and efficient.

General FAQs

Does Hyperfocus provide a diagnosis for ADHD?
Only a licensed psychologist can officially diagnose ADHD. Hyperfocus helps by providing them with the necessary information and connecting you directly with qualified professionals.

I'm not sure if I have ADHD. Can I still use Hyperfocus?
Absolutely! Our pre-assessment tools are designed to help you explore your experiences and concerns. Your results will give you and your chosen psychologist valuable insights to discuss during your full assessment.

Logistics FAQs

How long does the pre-assessment take to complete?
Most people finish within 2-3 sessions of 30-60 minutes each. However, there's no rush! You can take breaks and return to complete it at your own pace.

How do I find a psychologist through Hyperfocus?
Once you complete your pre-assessment, it's sent to psychologists in our network who specialize in ADHD and work in your area. You'll be able to review their profiles and select the one who seems like the best fit for you.

What are the costs involved?
Signing up and completing your pre-assessment on Hyperfocus is completely free. The cost of your full assessment will be set by your chosen psychologist.

How secure is my personal information?
Your privacy is paramount. Hyperfocus securely stores your data in Canada, following strict PIPEDA guidelines. Only your selected psychologist will have access to your pre-assessment information.

Is my pre-assessment information shared with anyone besides my psychologist?
Your information is kept strictly confidential. We will never share your data without your explicit consent. Also, we will never review your data or discuss your information with the psychologist.

Privacy FAQs

If You're a Psychologist, See the Difference for Yourself

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