Your Report Is On It's Way

This is for educational purposes only. The results are to be taken "as is" and should not be construed as an assessment or diagnosis. Check your email in 2 - 3 minutes.

When you complete the quiz, your results are shown in 4 categories. Each of these categories have an average based on the study results.

This way you get a more accurate view of how ADHD is affecting you in these ways:

  • life productivity,

  • psychological health,

  • life outlook, and

  • relationships.


"Research-based, experience informed"

This is a common saying for us. The internet is full of mis-guided information about ADHD so we want to be a source of psychology and latest developments to support people's well-being.

Hi there,

When you take the quiz above, I hope you found it helpful.

There's so much mis-guided information out there about ADHD that we thought a well researched quiz would help a lot of people.

Dr. Claire and I use this quiz with those we coach and train.

I find it brings up good discussion. It tells you where you're at.

We think it's super helpful.

It's based on a psychological study.

And it has been tested with thousands of people with ADHD.

Which means ...some really smart folks asked questions of people with ADHD. They then did some math to get averages.

You get to see where you're at compared to these averages.

But ...I don't want you to feel worried or concerned about the results.

You may find yourself having a low number. Or low compared to the average.

That's okay.

This is a signal. It's good information. It tells you where you might want to focus your energies.

You may be saying... "yeah Tom, but I've been feeling stuck."

I get that. I know that ADHD has some pretty difficult challenges. I talk to many people and I hear the struggle.

Heck, Dr. Claire and I have personally had to cope with ADHD traits.

But I want you to believe one thing...

Even though you may feel stuck right now doesn't have to stay that way.

But to get unstuck, you need to know where you're at first. It's like sailing a ship with a map. If you don't know where you're located, you won't know where to steer the ship.

Hence the quiz.

So let's get you started with some insights into where you're at.

Our little system will pull together the results. Soon you'll receive an email in your inbox.

The report has a nice looking graph and numbers and stuff that Dr. Claire and I have written for you.

Best wishes,

Letter from Tom Hudock