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Make a generous impact for future adults who want to be assessed for ADHD by supporting our research goals.

By already being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, you are contributing to research that provides diagnostic predictions for doctors and psychologists making the complex process of assessment more accurate AND speedy for doctors.

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The Problem With ADHD Assessments

There are more adults these days approaching doctors and psychologists to be assessed for ADHD. But it's hard to find a psychiatrist who has the time. Psychologists have month's long wait lists too. Even if you get a diagnosis, physicians can be reluctant to prescribe stimulants, as ADHD often comes with mental health comorbidities.

2 Things To Improve On


With your input into our research, we believe we can improve upon, and maybe even fix, these two problems in the healthcare industry.

It often takes upwards of 5 hours to do a full assessment. These are typically completed by psychologists, who should provide extensive information about your particular ADHD and uncover insights about yourself.

However, as the hours stack up, the wait lists grow and extend out for months, and it's over a year in some places. Time is important to those who are suffering and stressing, while waiting for an assessment.

It's rare to find an adult with a "pure ADHD" case. Most of us have complexities from our life experiences, which complicate the assessment process. This means that doctors wouldn't be able to rule in and rule out these complexities on a short visit.

We believe, with your support, we can provide predictive results to doctors and psychologists so they can speed up their assessment time AND be more accurate with brief assessments.

The Research

We've been quietly developing software as a practical solution for doctors and psychologists, AND clients, like yourself. The information you provide allows us to build up a predictive engine for future adults who want to be assessed for ADHD.

We want the information to be accurate and reflect actual diagnosis.

Simply put, we match your diagnosis details with existing research created by scientists. The algorithms and formulas we apply to your details can produce predictive results. These results would ONLY be available to licensed doctors and psychologists, and only if, the client wishes to share the results.

We believe this can reduce the suffering from waiting and the stress of having to find a doctor to assess ADHD.