Looking to be assessed for ADHD?

Start your assessment by telling your story for the last time with clinically proven tools by psychologists.

This is a pre-assessment for those looking for an assessment by a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist.

Developed Over 15 Years Of Neuropsychological Assessments

Hi fellow psychologists. I'm Dr. Claire Sira, neuropsychologist and co-founder of Boss Of Your Brain.

I'm finding my waitlist for ADHD assessments to be growing and we are asked regularly by our coaching members to have an assessment.

But we can't keep up to the demand, so we created this network to share in the load and help these people gain knowledge, be heard, and find relief.

To better assess them, I ask my clients to fill in my comprehensive history forms and take a battery of ADHD questionnaires. I've developed these history forms over 15 years of neuropsychology assessments.

In fact, they spend a fair bit of time typing in their history into our Clinical Intelligence platform, HyperFocus. This has given me such invaluable insight and background about their education, substance use, trauma history, and more.

And I would like you to have access to these insights too.

So, any referrals you receive from us will have the history forms and questionnaires already filled in for you. Then when you begin your assessment process, you will have a significant chunk of their history readily available to go deeper with during your interview.

I hope you consider this a warm hand-off from us to you, as you take on this new client.

You'll receive more details when you sign up. I hope you'll join the network to help assess these individuals.

Take care,
Dr. Claire Sira, registered psychologist

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Join a Network of Providers

Join our network of providers who provide ADHD assessments to adults in Canada, US & UK

Access To Our Waitlist

Get access to our Boss Of Your Brain clients who are seeking an ADHD assessment

Their History Provided

Clients complete comprehensive history forms and ADHD questionnaires prior to enrolling with us.

No Referral Fees

We don’t charge a fee for referrals to those signed up to the HyperFocus platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need to join?

You must be a registered or licensed psychologist and able to provide ADHD assessments in your jurisdiction.

How does the referral process work?

Once you join our network, we will send you client referrals based on your location and client requests. When someone is a match, you are sent an invite and given access to the client's History Form and ADHD Questionnaire results as pre-assessment materials. You then decide whether to accept the referral and begin your assessment process.

Why are there no fees?

We charge no fee for the referral. When you are sent a referral, you are invited to view the client information through our Clinical Intelligence tool, HyperFocus. If you wanted to continue to use HyperFocus, there would be an option to sign up for a monthly plan.

What are the History Forms?

The History Forms were developed over 15 years by Dr. Claire Sira, as she completed thousands of neuropsychological and ADHD assessments. They gather background information on Early Childhood, Family of Origin, Education and Occupation, Major Life Events, Psychiatric and Medical History, Medications and Substance Use, etc.

What are the Questionnaires?

The questionnaires in HyperFocus are research based tools that are publicly available. We have expanded them by automatically scoring the tests and adding interpreted results provided by our expert psychologists. You won't have to score or look up the research again.